The Top 5 Social Media Strategies For All Businesses

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In 2015 social media has exploded. Almost everyone, possibly even you, uses it for both entertainments and to research products. It’s for these reasons that your company, no matter how small needs to have a presence in at least a couple of these markets.

It’s been shown that having a social media presence can help a company gain insight into community interest. What works on Twitter may not work on Pinterest. If done right social media can help, you build your brand and make it familiar to potential clients. It can help build links for traffic and SEO. If you haven’t tried social media marketing or if you have but it’s gathering cobwebs now is the time to develop a winning strategy. Listed here are five of the top social media strategies recommend by groups such as the Social Media Examiner, Hootsuite, and Hubspot.

The first thing to do is set goals. This action will help you determine which social media influencers will work best for you. It will also give direction to your content as some content works to help brand, and other types can be seen as either marketing or sales. Remember, short-term goals are those that are achievable for three to six months. Long-term goals are those that are achievable in six months to a year. You will need both types.

Next is the creation of a strategy. This step will help you know what you need to do on a weekly or daily basis. It should include things such as how many tweets to make in one day, or what type of material do you want to curate as well as your content. The strategy should include what kind of material your competitors are using. Just grab an easy to read calendar and create unbeatable content to help you succeed.


It’s vital that you treat each channel as a separate entity. For example, a freelance writer may want to concentrate on Twitter and Pinterest as both of these have proven themselves useful to creative service companies. Facebook doesn’t do as much for a creative business. Do a little research to see which channels you need to concentrate on or which ones you may choose not to use.

Third on our list is excellent customer services. This strategy should be obvious to all companies trying to build a positive reputation. Of course, you should quickly respond to all retweets, likes and comments. Try offering a small gift such as pens, ball-caps or T-shirts to persons who have given exceptionally good reviews.

The fourth is to create or curate only good or excellent content. This strategy is one of the most important. If your content doesn’t hold the attention of your targeted audience than you may be wasting your time. Original content such as blog posts will work well on most channels. Some curated content also works well as long as its quality work. Some material may be spread over all channels, others may not be appropriate for all of them.

The last strategy is measuring your achievements. Tools such as Google Analytic are free and helpful in deciding what is working and what isn’t. Some website hosts offer a dashboard that does this for you. Used regularly it not only helps you to build your brand it can also help with link building as well as SEO rankings.

There you are the top 5 social media strategies that can be used by all companies to get started in social media. Just remember, nothing but promotional content can easily drive potential clients away so make sure you also entertain. A final note, social media never shows results immediately. It’s a slow process that in the end is well worth it.

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